Steel Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Elevator Industry

Today, elevator is becoming a more and more important tool in our daily life. The material of the elevator surface is 2mm or less thickness stainless steel sheet, it can cut precisely by our steel sheet fiber laser cutting machine. So fiber metal laser cutting machine is more and more popular with elevator manufacturers.

For elevator cutting has high requirement for neatness of cutting face, fiber laser cutting machines handle the cutting of metal plates with membrane, mirror materials or stainless steel plates.

Firstly, sheet metal parts in elevator industry are of many varieties and little quantity, some of which are customized. Limited by tonnage and mould, multi-position stamping machine sometimes can’t realize processing, and sometimes the production cycle lasts longer, waiting for mould making.

Secondly, there are many decorative stainless steel sheet metal applied in elevator industry, which requires good surface finish. Compared with traditional stamping machines, which make much mould consumption, laser cutting machines bring better surface finish. Last but not least, with better life, the aesthetics standard in modern society gets higher.

Today, elevators should be not only practical but also beautiful. Manufacturers need flat and smooth fracture surface and machining marks, while stamping machines leave machined trace, affecting the beauty.

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