Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in the Kitchenware Industry Application

«XT laser FIBER LASER CUTTING MACHINE» for the kitchenware market successfully developed a series of products with independent intellectual property rights, the solid laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine series, high-precision small-format laser cutting machine, etc., for the majority of kitchenware manufacturers choice and application .

Kitchenware processing industry, a large number of products such as range hoods and gas appliance use sheet metal panel, using traditional processing methods mold consumption, efficiency and low cost; restricted product upgrading, technological improvement and innovation. The background environment in today’s scientific and technological innovation, industrial restructuring, market competition is fiercer than ever before, who can find the first breakthrough in the production process, including equipment updates, kitchenware terms of processing enterprises, there is no doubt it is very important to have a realistic and long-term significance. China and Russia laser production line kitchenware processing enterprises needs of small and medium-power laser cutting machine is the best solution to solve the above problems. Its practical and ingenious mechanical design, the superior performance of the optical system, powerful control system. Under the sheet metal of a single piece of material with good beam quality, high precision, small slotted, saving materials, the cutting surface is smooth and safe operation, such as a series of characteristics can be faster and better way to complete any graphic material to reduce the number of skilled workers to eliminate the pressure of rising labor costs, work efficiency is greatly improved, and monthly can save tens of thousands of dollars for outsourcing fee, and within a year will be able to recover the investment cost of the laser cutting machine. Laser cutting machine can not only solve the kitchenware manufacturer has been plagued by many problems, and convenient sample processing on the panel to reduce the cost of new product development, shorten the development cycle of new products. Meanwhile, the laser machining apparatus when the cut material Narrow very high degree, improve the yield of the hoods and the gas appliance, reducing material loss. For some profiled molding products, laser cutting machine has a unique advantage.

Developed by XT laser 500W fiber optic laser machine 1000W metal laser cutting machine, the choice of today’s most sophisticated Germany IPG lasers or the Russian core laser technology laser cavity and devices in the sheet metal processing industry has been widely used, and has accumulated rich experience in industrial applications and brand awareness, «China and Russia laser has become the field of sheet metal processing the best cost-effective laser cutting equipment and the most authoritative sheet metal processing solutions

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