Performance characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine

Industrial welding structure of the fuselage, the high-precision gantry planing after finishing, and by CNC low-temperature annealing treatment, long-term use to ensure the strength and stability of the machine; Japan THK grinding grade ball screw, THK high-precision linear guide High precision; the use of Japan Yaskawa servo drive motor, more powerful, faster, more stable; follow-style smoking system, smoking effect, energy saving; the use of US imports of laser cutting head and laser lenses, focusing spot smaller Fiber cutting, flexible processing, at any point can achieve the quality of cutting; professional laser cutting machine CNC control system, computer operation, the operation is more simple; compatible with the cutting of the line more sophisticated, more efficient processing; A variety of software, free to design a variety of graphics or text instant cut, simple, flexible and convenient. Fiber cutting machine advantages: laser no reflection lens, no need to adjust the optical path, maintenance-free; fiber cutting machine than CO2 laser cutting machine photoelectric conversion efficiency of 3 times, energy saving; ultra-low cost, per hour laser power consumption of only 0.5 to 1.5 degrees ; High-speed, high efficiency, cutting sheet speed of up to tens of meters per minute; high-performance, imported original packaging fiber lasers, stable performance, the service life of up to 100,000 hours; Cutting edge of good quality, small deformation, the appearance of more beautiful, cutting the gap is small, higher accuracy. Widely used in sheet metal processing, advertising signs production, kitchen utensils, all kinds of metal products, lighting hardware, saw blades, glasses, machinery parts and other industries.

With the progress of science and technology, three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine tool successfully developed, truly on behalf of China’s optical processing technology has been further developed. Three-dimensional laser cutting machine developed, breaking the metal plate laser cutting three-dimensional processing of long-term by Germany, Italy, Japan and other developed countries monopoly of the passive situation. At the same time made a major technological breakthrough, so that our country to get rid of the dependence on imports of equipment, greatly reducing China’s automotive, aerospace equipment, instrumentation, metal molds, high-grade electrical equipment, such as the main parts of the manufacturing cycle, improve labor efficiency , Reduce production costs, to promote the development of China’s equipment manufacturing industry will play an irreplaceable role. Three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine processing technology in the modern automobile parts manufacturing advantages has become an indispensable modern automobile manufacturing technology, instead of the traditional manual cutting + punching die manufacturing has become the international development of an advanced technology The As we all know, in the mold making process, trimming, punching process has been difficult in the mold manufacturing process, in particular, some complex structure of the oblique cut, oblique, oblique and other large car mold. Trimming if the use of traditional production methods is indeed very difficult, and need to repeatedly explore several times or even ten times, to fitter, processing equipment has brought a great workload. Not only the skill level of the fitter put forward a higher demand, and will seriously affect the post-process mold debugging. And the reality of a lot of trimming, punching die cutting edge material from the cost of considering the use of alloy steel, such as Cr12, Cr12MoV and so on. If the use of traditional trimming mold production method, it will inevitably be a number of edge welding. Due to such as the above material in the process of multiple surfacing, easy to crack and cause the inserts scrapped, had to re-feed re-processing. In this way, not only the cycle will be lagging behind, and the mold production costs will increase significantly.

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