nLight is an American laser company founded in 2000 by Scott Keeney. The company is privately held and funded by venture capital firms. It has headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, and operations in Shanghai, Hillsboro, Oregon, and Lohja, Finland. nLight specializes in diode laser components and systems, fiber laser components and systems, and optical fibers. Their key markets include materials processing, consumer electronics, and medical and military applications.

As one leading and professional Fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer for 13 years in Jinan city,Shandong province,China. We found that now in the market,more and more foreign customers need to cut high reflective materials such as aluminium,brass, copper,silver,etc. We did many cutting test by machine with IPG laser source,Raycus laser source,but performance is not good and stable especially when cutting long time.

After we adopt nLight laser source, the condition changed a lot, and so far we did many cutting test on brass, copper, aluminium, compared with IPG and Raycus, it’s a very big improvement. We also got more orders from foreign customers who mainly cut high reflective metal material.

Main advantages:

High performance in high reflective material cutting
USA brand high quality laser source with much cheaper price
Professional after sales service office in global market
2 years warranty

Some model of nLight laser source

Brass Samples

Aluminium sample

If you or your friend who want to cut brass,copper,aluminium besides carbon steel and stainless steel,please contact us, and we’ll provide best machine with nLight fiber laser cutting machine for you.

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