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Water glass as one of necessities of life, it have many different outside shape and material. Such as glass, ceramic, stainless steel, plastic and many other  composite material. Also we send our friends one beautiful cup as gift. Usually we made some special logo, letter or pattern on the cup with laser engraving machine.

Follow is some cup marking video with laser engraving machine

Tumbler Cup

Yeti cup is one very popular stainless steel cup in USA and Canada.  Usually this kind of cup is original stainless steel material. Laser marking service supplier use laser marking machine mark different pattern on the surface.

We can mark it with fiber laser marking machine and rotary axis. But now more people use co2 laser engraving machine and laser ink make. In the future, more and more people will instead co2 laser with fiber laser

Vacuum Cup

Vacuum cup have many different type and material. some is stainless steel and some of them is stainless steel.

  • stainless steel vacuum cup

In order to let the cup seems more beautiful, most cup have clad layer with different color. We can use laser engraving machine mark white color drawing on the surface.

Football Club Logo marking

Football as the first sport all over the world, so every football have a large fan team. If your friend is football fan, give him one cup with logo of his favorite club is the best gift,

  • Glass and stainless steel vacuum cup

This kind of cup have one transparent outside case and stainless steel inside case. Laser light could go through the transparent case and mark on the stainless steel directly.

Arsenal Football Club


Laser engraving have become one of the most suitable tools on gift service. Due to its price is lower and lower, more and more shop bought it.

Laser engraving machine

Desktop Fiber Laser Engraving Machine
laser engraving machine

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