Color laser marking on stainless steel — Angie

Color laser marking on stainless steel

With the constant development of laser application technology, the use of laser on the stainless steel is becoming wider. People want to print out text with brilliant of color, so this laser color marking technology has got into people’s eyes. How to adjust the parameters to quickly get wanted colour? What kind of application of laser light source? Le’t see together, MOPA laser color marking machine, the wonderful world of stainless steel!

 Below are samples marked by XT LASER common sales men. And you can do it by yourself.


Color laser marking on stainless steel

People’s eyes can distinguish a variety of different colors, because when light go to the surface, actually they reflects the light of different wavelengths, through the brain processing resolution, we can creates the feeling of a different color. After returning to the stainless steel material, after laser treatment can be a variety of colors, its reason is the same.

How to mark coloful image on stainless steel, feel free to contact us.

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