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Jewelry Laser Cutting Systems for Jewelry Producing

Jewelry designers and makers keep on looking for reliable and effective solutions for producing precision cutting of precious metals, like gold, silver, brass, stainless steel etc.

Fiber jewelry laser cutting with high power levels was born, it provide better functionality for jewelry manufacturer, so it is emerging as a top choice for jewelry cutting applications, particularly applications where superior edge quality, tight dimensional tolerances and high production is required.

Jewelry Laser cutting systems can cut a various kinds of materials of varying thickness, and be able to creating complex shapes. In addition, fiber lasers provide best precision than other ways, thus offer a cost effective high precision cutting solution, at the same time providing jewelry designers and makers freedom to create challenging shapes, that can not be realized by traditional cutting methods.

Here are only a few advantages of jewelry laser cutting machines compared to traditional cutting ways:

  • Min distortion on parts because of a small heat affected zone
  • Intricate patterns that can be input to software
  • Narrow kerf widths, like a needle.
  • Very high repeatability, save the settings and use it for future
  • With a laser cutting system you can easily create complex cutting patterns for your jewelry designs:
  • Name Necklaces
  • jewelry-laser-cutting
  • Pendants & Charms
  • jewelry-laser-cutting-pendants
  • Intricate earrings are just a glimpse of the range , the designer offers a few pairs of laser cut earrings.
  • earrings-laser-cutting
    • Girls loves delicate laser cut jewelry; some loves really. big. bling. So far, so good.
    • Charming, quirky, cute designs. Bling with steam.
    • Fresh + pretty jewelry designs. Art you can wear.
  • necklace-pendants-jewelry-cutting

We Provide machines to Make Beautiful Custom Products for Designers & Makers

XT LASER provides laser cutting & engraving machines to turn your designs into custom products. You select from add your design to it, and the machine will make your design real. Pricing starts from $4000. And you can start your designing and creating idea from then on.

What machine can do the work? Let’s see in next blog-jewelry laser cutting.

Email:  My name: Angie Feng

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