How to choose a laser? -1- Clara

In the following articles, we would like to share some key points for choosing the most suitable laser machine. But before that, we need to figure out how the laser machine operates.

How to tell the difference on the laser source or laser tube?

On beginning to purchase a laser equipment, the first point we need to consider is the laser source or tube. Why? Cause it is the most valuable part of the machine.

1: Co2 laser tube

The market is filled with all kinds of Co2 laser machines and we must choose the best option for the work that we are going to do in the future.

Normally, the Co2 laser tube will be divided into 2 kinds—glass tube and metal tube. The main brands of glass tube will be RECI, EFR, Yongli in China right now. Glass tube is mainly used in engraving and cutting non-metal materials. Its beam spot will be bigger than metal tube, so it is not suitable for precision working. Metal RF tube is able to work over 20000 hours, much longer than the glass tube—about 5000 hours. It is mainly used for lower power marking working, such as production data on package etc. Here we would like to share some videos of Co2 laser:

2: Fiber laser source

Fiber laser source will be much complicated to note how it works and inside components. For now, the world-class brand will be IPG from Germany, N-light from USA and Raycus-the best in China. They are the common laser source for chinese laser manufacture. Certainly there will be a little difference on them. If you need to cut high-reflective materials, such as aluminium, copper, silver etc, maybe N-light will be the first choice. And for less than 1500W laser cutting machine, Raycus will be our first suggestion, unless you have strong demand on laser source. Here we would like to share some videos:

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