Difference between Fiber laser metal & Plasma-Jennifer

Nowadays, in the current manufacturing industry, the fiber laser cutting has became the leading role in many metal processing fields. Many our clients are interested in the difference between the new Carbon metal fiber laser cutting & the traditional plasma cutting.

The major difference between fiber laser metal cutting & plasma cutting lies in the cutting thickness and the purchasing cost.

For metal sheet cutting by plasma, the advantage is to cut high thickness metal plate with cheaper price. But the cutting surface is quite rough. The cutting gap is too big, which is about 3mm.

As everybody knows that, for plasma cutting, the most important part is the electrical power. Compared with the laser source with fiber laser metal cutting machine, it’s power consumption is much more higher.

The plasma cutter is the facility with heat cutting, and the compressed air is the major working principles. The plasma cutting machine can cut stainless steel, iron, aluminium, brass and others metal materials with fast cutting speed, narrow cutting gap, and smooth cutting edge.

For fiber laser cutting machine, the cutting edge and surface is smooth, and the cutting precision is higher. While the purchasing cost is a little higher than the plasma cutting.

The metal sheet cnc laser cutting machine is to scan the cutting materials surface by the higher power and high density laser beam. Within short time, the metal materials can be heated to 1000 or 10000 degree, which can melt or vaporize the metal sheet, then blow the melted or others material away by the high pressure gas.

The fiber laser cut machine use the invisible light beam to replace the traditional mechanical knife. The advantages of fiber laser are fast cutting speed, smooth cutting edge, the low deformation of metal cutting materials and without the second processing.

About the cutting precision, the plasma’s cutting precision can reach to 1mm, while the fiber laser cutter’s can reach to 0.22mm. In processing precision, the plasma cutting is equal to rough processing, while the fiber laser cutting is equal to high precision processing.

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