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Introduction of fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine is one of the most advanced laser technology in the world, it can be wisely used for various industry, typically used for jewelry, IPhone, ear marking and so on.

Different laser types are suitable for different materials. If we want to mark on wood, the optimum wavelength of light is produced by a CO2 laser. If we want to mark on metals, the optimum wavelength would be YAG or fiber laser. The material can dictates the type of laser. There is no such a laser can suit well for all materials.

Three Points

 Before we choose a fiber laser marking machine, there are three questions need to be clearly:

  • What’s the material?
  • What’s the size of the material?
  • What kind of pattern we gonna marking on?

You will have a clear knowing after figure out these three points, and it will help people to find out the best suitable marking machine.

XT Laser-Fiber laser marking machine

Type 1: Smart fiber laser marking machine



Laser Type: Fiber laser

Laser power: 20w/30w/50w/100w

Marking area: 110*110mm/200*200mm/300*300mm

Marking depth: 0.01-5mm(Depending on the material)

Cooling way: air cooling

constituent elements of mini type fiber laser marking machine

  1. Fiber laser source( Raycus/IPG/JPT)
  2. Galvo head(Sino, the best quality in China)
  3. F-theta lens(Wavelength, it’s Singapore brand)
  4. Control card(EZcad)
  5. Computer(Lenvo)
  6. Lifting pillar
  7. 2D working table
  8. Power supply

Mini fiber laser marking machine are very popular among our customers, small size(76mm*68mm*77mm), light weight(G.W 96kg), it’s very convenient to transport by air, the iron grey color make the machine looks more texture, about 100000 hours working life attracted more customers to buy, pretty much good elements combine together to make the machine have such a high popular.

The video links of fiber laser marking for on Iphone:


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