When you compare price, please remember to compare the quality and service as well while importing from China

More and more customers are looking for fiber laser machines from China, because of high cost-effectiveness. And Made-in-China is accepted by foreigners.

However, you will get more response than you can imagine, different prices with different machine Spec. Even different prices based on same configuration. Why is that ?

Everybody is considering price,however, how much do you pay attention to quality ? How much do you pay attention to after sales service?

Let’s do a simple math, assume that you can save $500 for one 20w machine, when it breaks down without in-time service, and you are thousands of miles away from China, how much will you lose then?

Here is comment from USA customer’s feedback which was posted on Facebook FYI:
























Our confidence is not just coming from our quality, but also the feedbacks from customers. We would like to share more with you if you like.

However, many customers are suffering a different situation and coming to us for help.

Although we offer solutions for those friends, it made a bad impression on «MADE IN CHINA», which is very regretful. There are more cheaper prices in China market, however, quality varies a lot.


























We are small compared to all the China Industrial products, however, we are committed to contributing as much as we an. To keep our quality and reputation. In 2 years’ warranty, any part of the machine goes wrong, we offer new by Express (cost on us), and better thing is that we can offer you solutions / answers in 8 working hours.

Please do not get this wrong, there are good companies and bad companies all over the world, this does not mean Made-in-## is bad quality. We, as you do, also like no labels tagged by others. However, those with same taste come together. We do believe Made-in-China will arise with plenty of real manufacturers efforts and Perseverance

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