The difference between 20W and 30W laser marking machine

Following is difference between 20w and 30w:
① 30w is more durable than 20w
② if marking same content on same materials, 30w marking speed is faster than 20w
③ if marking same depth on same material, 30w marking time is shorter than 20w.


In Technical side, following is reason:
(1.)Single pulse energy
The higher laser power the higher single pulse energy,for example,if we want to mark 0.1mm deep marker on metal,
we should repeat marking for 30 times if we use 20watt machine,and if we use 30watt machine to do the same mark, it maybe need  no more than 10 times,in brief,big power laser machine have greater efficiency.

(2.)Peak power (P.P.)
The P.P. of 20watt is 8000w,P.P. of 30watt is 9000w,big Peak power have big laser strength.

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