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The benefits of fiber laser cutting machine?

There are many different reasons why laser cutting machine is superior to metal. To better understand the differences, we must first look closely at the three machines: Arc cutting machine, plasma cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine. Why only fiber laser cutting machine has a widly market? The questions still confused many customers.

Sharing the characteristics of three kinds cutting machines

  • Arc cutting machine:

Arc cutting is an ancient processing method, with high precision machining, the cutting thickness is almost unlimited advantages, but it has inefficient, complex process (need perforation) and other shortcomings, so it is not suitable for large quantities cutting requirements.

  • Plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting has the advantages of low cost and high cutting efficiency, and is widely used for the cutting of thick metal sheet. This type of processing due to low cutting accuracy, cutting and other characteristics of large, so it is not suitable for high-speed, high-precision cutting requirements.

  • Fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine is one of the fastest growing, most types of cutting methods. From the micron-level thin plate to dozens of millimeters thick plate, you can find a satisfactory solution with the cutting machine.

Laser cutting machine is now widely used in electronic circuits, textile and garment, leather bags, auto parts, hardware tools, medical equipment, digital products, precision instruments, mobile communications, optical communications devices, aerospace devices, glasses industry, gold and silver jewelry , Craft gifts, packaging and printing, and many other industries.

Sharing a video of fiber laser cutting machine:

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