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                                               What is co2 laser marking machine?

These days, a customer from India consult the co2 laser marking machine, he wants to mark acrylic, gravoply, mdf  etc.

His working area is 300* 300mm. Today I want to talk some details of this type machine

co2 laser marking machine

1.Working principle:

CO2 laser marking machine, that is carbon dioxide laser marking machine, is the use of CO2 gas as the working medium of the laser galvanometer marking machine. CO2 laser to CO2 gas as the medium, the CO2 and other auxiliary gas into the discharge tube, in the electrode with high pressure, the discharge tube glow discharge, the gas released by the wavelength of 10.64um laser, the laser energy amplification, the vibration Mirror scanning and F-Theta mirror focus, in the computer, and laser marking control card, under the control of the workpiece, according to the user’s request for images, text, numbers, lines of the mark.

2. Laser tube

CO2 glass tube laser marking machine: the use of CO2 glass tube laser, which is a long generation of products, has been widely used; but it has a drawback: CO2 glass tube laser life of only 5000 hours, not very good to meet the large quantities produce.

Co2 metal tube marking machine: the metal tube is used wildly in recent years, comparing with the glass tube ,its longevity is longer.



3. Application field :

1, used in medicine, such as pharmaceutical paper packaging, pharmaceutical glass packaging

2, used in the cosmetics industry, such as paper boxes, glass boxes, plastic boxes and so on

3, applied to tobacco line, such as each cigarette to be marked with regional codes

4, food and beverage packaging

5, the wine on the box

6, clothing accessories

7, electronic components, such as capacitors marked on the certification mark

8, chemical products on

9, building materials on the identification of PVC pipes and so on

10, manufacturers LOGO logo text information


we must introduce suitable  power according to their marking scope and material.

For example, this customer marking scope is 300*300mm, belongs to big scope, so we should advise him to choose 55w laser tube.

If the power is smaller . the outcome may influence as well.

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