How to maintain the metal laser cutter’s after-sales service-Jennifer

Many our clients, before making the final decision, will consider the after-sales service, and trouble shooting ability.
Yes, we can understand that, and both we have online-shopping experience.
And I bought on Amazon China. So for such a high value product, both your company and your’ worries. I have same experience like metal laser cutter.

  But I believe once you read the following words, your worries can be fade away gradually.

1. For the laser cutter itself:
Zero maintenance is one of major advantages of fiber laser cutter. We will give All our fiber laser cutter machine 48 hours testing before delivering out, which can lower the failure rate.

2. For the easy operating feature:
As I told you that fiber laser cutting machine can be operated easily. One of our Pakistan  clients, who bought our cutter early. He is also the first time to touch this metal laser cutter.
Even me, also consider whether he can operate the machine well, when he guaranteed me we did not need to send the technician to their factory.
But luckily, when he got the machine, and the machine works well.
3. Engineer was in UK clients’ factory:

As I have shown you many times, our engineer went to UK for installation and training service in UK.
Except helping clients install and training the machine, we also provide the necessary common problems summarized by our many years experience.
We will take both the related operating and changing the lens videos
You can see the followings video link we record for our clients before:

4. Professional after-sales service team:
We have professional after-sales service team, 24 hours trouble-shooting ability to help solve clients’ problems timely.
If necessary, engineer can go the local factory to solve the problem for metal laser cutter

5. Most importantly, per our client’s feedback, the major problems, they met now, are not the machine itself, but the cutting technical ability.
So their is no need to worry the after-sales ability.

Hoping the above can help solve your after-sales’ service worries.

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