Necessary info for pigeon ring marking machine- Jennifer

Nowadays, we got a lot of inquiries about the pigeon ring marking machine.

Today, I ‘d like to share something about the pigeon ring marking machine.

Per our customer’s feedback, pigeon ring’s diameter 7mm, 8mm, and 9mm are the most popular size in pigeon ring field.

  1. Two sets of pigeon ring, one is open-loop, as below:

    Pigeon ring laser marking machine







  1. 2. Another is close-loop, as below







3. Here are some video links of marking pigeon ring, for your reference:

4.Here are the pigeon rings marking fixtures with different sizes, thousands of pigeon rings can be marked one time

Different diameter matches with different fixture diameter.


pigeon ring marking machine







Hoping the above info can be helpful for  u.

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