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Hot sale Mini fiber laser marking machine

Mini fiber laser marking machine, with its light weight, easy operation, and high quality marking, is popular among the market.

Today , one of my customer ask about this type machine, he wants to mark  on mobile metal and plastic mobile covers, he ask me the quotation and specification about the mini fiber laser marking machine.

Here I first show some pictures and details about the machine:

mini type laser marking

The introduction about the machine:

Mini machine sold very well last few years, because of its small size, also this machine have a lifting pillar , which is same as desktop machine type, In this machine type , we can add the lens with scope 100*100mm and 200*200mm, also the lifting pillar can be changed to long pillar, then the same machine type, can be used for marking big size products with a scope of lens 300*300mm.

The working table is 2D table; also Z axis is lifting pillar. This table of machine has the same function as desktop machine, also because of the small size of the machine, most of clients like to transport by DHL/TNT. If we choose to transport this machine type with DHL/TNT, then except the freight cost ,the client only need pay import tax, and there is no need to pay any local charge at the destination.

Also if clients want small machine with rotary device, we can help them choose this mini machine type.

The working area of the machine are 100*100,200*200 and 300*300, customers could choose different working area, according to their different needs.

This type of machine totally has three parts: the computer, control box and marking machine. Comparing with the desktop type, this type is more convenient, it could save much room for customers.

It is usually mark plastic, mild metal, stainless steel and etc.

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