Maintenance essentials of Laser cutting machine —Metal Powder Dust

Maintenance skills of Laser cutting machine

As dust made by metal laser cutting machine is mainly the metal powder,

which will surely have bad influence on people health, especially breathing system.


so for sake of your health, please follow up below when you operate laser cutting machine:

  1. Keep away from cutting place when laser cutting machine is working. if can not, wear the necessary mask.
  2. Install the full cover to laser cutting machine for avoiding breathing metal powder.
  3. Use the suitable exhaust fan for this laser cutting machine to absorb or transfer it outside.

Besides protect yourself, it is also recommended to regularly clean up the electrical cabinet of laser cutting machine and check the working conditions of the cooling fan. laser head is the one of core part. Dust can get into it through nozzle. so check whether there is dust inside every time when start the laser cutting machine.


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