Main metal cutting equipment in Market fiber laser / plasma / flame / Waterjet

1. Fine plasma cutting

Precision plasma cutting most suitable 0.45 ~ 50mm thick carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum as well as within the thickness of 160mm.

(1) the length of the cutting unit costs in part or 6.35 ~ 50mm thick carbon steel with respect to the other process is the lowest.

(2) ease of use and software equipped with the latest CNC, plasma is very easy to use. Because professional process parameters have been built in the nesting software, so the operator does not experience requirements.

(3) productivity thickness greater than 6.35mm, cutting speed of the laser. When the thickness is less than 50mm, cutting speed in flames. Plasma cutting technology is the fastest of all, efficient.

(4) cutting precision steel cutting element tolerance ± (0.38 ~ 0.5) mm. For less than the thickness (9.5mm) sheet, the slope of the 2o ~ 3o. For thicker than 12.7mm thick plate, the slope within 1o.

(5) edge quality and metallurgical properties of the heat-affected zone is very small, typically <0.25mm. Section good weldability, smooth dross.

(6) Maintenance requirements are relatively simple.

2. The fiber laser cutting

Fiber laser cutting machine is the latest laser technology. The use of solid-state laser generator is more efficient than conventional CO2 laser, and the wavelength of the fiber laser is suitable for conducting the valuables of fiber, compared to only use CO2 laser mirror reflection conducted more flexible, easier to maintain. By focusing the laser energy, the molten material being cut, the auxiliary gas blow off the molten metal. A 3kW fiber laser is equivalent to 4 ~ 5kW CO2 laser on the cutting ability and speed. Its cutting ability generally can achieve 19mm thick carbon steel.

(1) Unit cost of parts, or the length of the cut when the thickness is less than 6.35mm, most advantage of laser cutting costs. With the increase in thickness, the cutting speed significantly reduced, although the cutting quality and accuracy is very good, but the cost is higher than plasma cutting.

(2) ease of use and the latest plasma system is similar, when equipped with the latest CNC and software, laser cutting machine is also easy to use, since all settings are automatic.

(3) The productivity of the most efficient sheet, when the thickness is increased to 6.35mm, and plasma cutting flat.

(4) The best fiber laser cutting precision cutting element within a tolerance of ± 0.25mm. Better than plasma cutting, water-jet cutting comparable. Slope within 1o.

(5) edge quality and metallurgical properties of the heat-affected zone is slightly smaller than plasma.

(6) maintenance requirements compared to the previous CO2 laser, dramatically reducing the difficulty of maintaining fiber laser.

3. The user needs analysis

(1) The acquisition cost of equipment, plasma, flame, laser and water jet cutting methods are needed with different CNC machine, dust removal equipment and CAD / CAM software. For example, compared to the waterjet and flame cutting slow speed, laser on the sheet requires higher speed and accuracy. These requirements will directly lead to huge differences in the cost of equipment.

(2) the length of the cutting part or unit costs include gas, nozzle, electrodes, electricity and water, in some cases, including equipment acquisition costs and labor costs, so be sure to pay attention to its range during comparison. Cost per unit of time with respect to the length of the unit cost covers parts or cutting speed and production efficiency, more practical reference value.

(3) ease of use, mainly software and CNC machine. Now the expertise built through the integration and shorten the learning curve, thereby reducing reliance on experience. For example, Haibao will process parameters, such as full ions built directly in the sea treasure their nesting software and CNC machine, new users can quickly grasp.

(4) The productivity of the cutting speed is often the deciding factor productivity.

(5) There are many ways to cut pieces of precision metal parts precision measurements. Usually with respect to the hole, the external contour of the lower tolerance requirements. So now many suppliers have introduced a higher quality of the hole cutting process, such as the integration of bolt holes Haibao cutting process. In addition, users typically measure only measuring the surface, but in fact because of the impact cutting slope, the size of the bottom surface will be very different. It recommends the use of positive and negative tolerance values ​​for measuring on the surface, and then consider cutting the slope of each process.

(6) has a different impact edge quality and metallurgical properties of five processes for metal cutting resistance, formability and weldability.

(7) Maintenance requirements for long-term cost of using different processes need to be considered maintenance and ease of maintenance.

4. The flame cutting

Flame cutting and more for 6.35 ~ 150 mm steel cutting cutting, when more than 50mm thick cutting speed than other processes.

(1) Unit cost of parts, or the length of the cutting gas quite a bit, cutting slow. The thicker steel plate, with respect to the plasma, which cut the cost advantage. Typically the cost per foot than plasma cutting height, more than 50mm thickness, the cost is relatively low.

(2) ease of CNC flame cutting machine tools require the operator a lot of experience in order to achieve the fastest cutting speed and best cutting quality.

(3) Productivity flame cutting due to the long warm-up time, cutting speed is slow, so low productivity.

(4) good precision cutting member operatives in the most suitable speed, altitude, the gas nozzle, the cutting element is about tolerance ± 0.76mm, pitch <1o.

(5) edge quality and metallurgical properties of the heat-affected zone flame cutting large cross-section and has a rough dross.

(6) Maintenance is relatively simple.

5. Waterjet Cutting

Compared to other cutting process, waterjet two biggest advantage is that there is no heat affected zone and can cut almost any material. Also good waterjet cutting accuracy. But the biggest disadvantage waterjet cutting in its very slow.

(1) Unit cost of parts, or the length of the cut by water jet cutting speed is too slow, so cut the cost per part compared to other process is the highest.

(2) ease of use is similar to the latest plasma system, when equipped with the latest CNC and software, waterjet cutting machines are easy to use, the operator’s experience requirements are very low.

(3) productivity in carbon and stainless steel is very slow, can quickly cut aluminum.

(4) precision waterjet cutting member of accuracy is the best of all the cutting process, the cutting element is about tolerance of ± 0.13mm. Slope within 1o.

(5) edge quality and metallurgical properties has no effect on the metallurgical properties of the material being cut. Smooth section, cut quality and grit and cutting speed.

(6) Maintenance requirements are relatively simple.


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