Fiber Laser Marking Machine — Widely Laser Marking Application

Laser marking and laser engraving are applied on a wide range of metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and more.


The tooling industry has adapted laser processing significantly over the years. Some of the outdated processes that have been replaced by lasers are chemical etching, dot pin, electro-etching and stamping. Manufacturers are using lasers for marking, carbide inserts, hand tools, government initiatives are using lasers for tracking valuable tools as well as marking critical information on specialty tools for aerospace. Anywhere an ID, tractability or logo is required, lasers are the ideal solution.


Laser processing is widely used throughout the automotive industry. XT LASER has supplied systems for laser marking pistons, back lit buttons, VIN numbers, brake components, and bearings among several other automotive applications.


Laser processing has significant advancements over existing technologies. XT produces industrial grade systems combined with cutting edge laser technology for the semiconductor, flat panel and solar industries. The tech is used for ID laser marking of IC chips, scribing and circuit traces for flat panel and solar markets.


Medical companies are rapidly converting to laser processing technology. Medical regulations and guidelines are easily met with laser technologies. Lasers are used for ID and tractability in addition to manufacturing processes like drilling, welding and cutting.


Laser Processing has only recently started to take hold of the packaging industry, but the benefits are far reaching. Companies are going GREEN by using laser marking on corrugated boxes as opposed to printing alternatives. In addition, laser cutting systems are being used to produce samples to even low volume production of boxes and other paper based materials used in the packaging industry.


Laser processing is used in applications from marking tactical weapons and munitions to laser cutting armor plate for military vehicles. The military has mandated a standard that all weapons as well as high value tools be marked with lasers.


ATF regulations have led the firearms industry to seek solutions for laser marking for marking and identifications of weapons. In addition lasers are being used to replace hand operations for checkering as well as decorative marking on receivers.


Laser processing is widely used throughout the aerospace industry. Lasers are being used to cut, engrave and mark in a vast range of areas.


Laser marking is ideal for personalizing a wide range of substrates. Pictures can even be replicated directly into stone wood and even metal.


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