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With the development of laser technology, Laser Marking & Engraving & Cutting have wider and wider application. As for the safety problems, developed countries pay more attention on it. They made many rules for laser machine manufacturing, machine type, warning label etc. But in developing countries, people need pay more attention on laser safety problems.

Laser Marking & Engraving & Cutting

Usually there is two safety problems on laser machine, one is laser light result in burn, another one is the smoke problems. Beside, strong laser light also have damage for our eye if see it long time. As for laser radiation, it is few and nearly can’t be detected also near no influence for our body.

Laser Burn

Laser burn problem usually happen on co2 laser engraving and cutting machine. Co2 laser beam wavelength is 10.64μm. Nearly it can work on all non-metal material, so our skin can also absorb co2 laser light then the strong power will burn our skin. When co2 laser machine is working, remember don’t touch the laser.

Different with co2 laser, fiber laser beam wavelength is 1064nm. Our skin don’t absorb fiber laser, so when machine working even fiber laser touch our skin it won’t hurt us. But pls take care if we put hand on the focus, also it will lead to burn.

Laser Smoke

No matter laser marking, laser engraving or laser cutting, all these process will produce much smoke and toxic gas, especially non-metal laser process. When cutting plastic material, there is many toxic gas rise and it may cause cancer.

PVC material is one of the most common material in many field. It can cause severe health problems including cancer, neurological damage, as well as reproductive and immune system damage. PVC emits extremely toxic and corrosive hydrogen chloride acid gas, dioxin, ethylene dichloride and vinyl chloride, which make a very toxic carcinogenic combination.

Although metal cutting won’t produce much toxic gas and only some smoke. but this smoke is some grain. If people breathe this kind of air, it will have very bad influence for breathing system.

Except laser burn and smoke, laser light also have heavy hurt for eyes as its light is so strong. So when operate laser machine, goggle is necessary. Also we should avoid laser light shoot in eye straight and watch it for long time.

However, laser machine is not ordinary machine. When operate laser machine, remember pay more attention on safety.

Laser Marking & Engraving & Cutting
Laser Marking & Engraving & Cutting

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