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Dear all,

As we talked before, fiber laser cutting machine become more and more popular in laser cutting jewelry industy , many friends are searching for suitable machine for their jewelry cutting work, for gold, silver, platinum, brass, stainless steel sheet cutting.


So today let’s talk about how to cut gold silver sheet by fiber laser marking machine for laser cutting jewelry industy .

First, what machine can do the work?

Well, most friends’ requirements are very similar, and will choose IPG 30W / IPG 50w /Raycus 50w for the work.

As our experience, 50w can cut up to 1.5mm gold, 1.2mm silver, 30w can cut up to 1mm gold, 0.75mm silver. But one of our Armenia cut up to 2.1mm gold, and he is proud of this work, so do we. So we can see that the watts of the fiber laser marking machine can determine the cutting ability of the machine. Just like a bulb, more watts, more power for light.

If your 80% gold and silver sheet is more than 1mm, we suggest you to choose IPG 50w, If your 80% gold and silver sheet is around 1mm, we suggest you to choose Raycus 50w,  If your 80% gold and silver sheet is below 0.7mm, we suggest you to choose IPG 30w.

Second, you may have doubts in your mind now, what is the difference between Raycus and IPG?

IPG is Germany brand, very famous fiber laser source in market, and our IPG laser source is original imported, it has high quality and stability. Raycus brand made in China, quality also very stable. We think Raycus is more cost-effective than IPG brand. But some customers like and trust»made in Germany», so IPG is popular for overseas cutomsers in laser cutting jewelry industy .

Third, let’s see a video about jewelry cutting, you may know better by this video.
50 w IPG cutting 1.2mm silver


Fourth, I would like to introduce a rotary attachment for all, it is widely used for jewelers, nearly 99% jewelers need this device. it is used for engraving text, names, dates etc. on rings and bracelets. Pls check below photo:


It can mark outer and inner of rings or bracelets. If you change “little support”,position on rotary axis, it can hold different diameter ring/bracelet. It will be very convenient for your work. But it will be better confirm with us your biggest diameter of ring/bracelet.

At last, if you need this machine, feel free to contact us. This is Angie from XT LASER.


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