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Now a lot of customers want to use fiber laser marking machine mark black color on metal. Then how can we use fiber laser marking machine in the metal to play black to it. Parameters should be how to set up? I’ll give you a brief explanation.

First of all, not what material can play black to.

Aluminum can not play very black, but you can play a high contrast black and white small print. Copper can play clear on the good (also can play black, I use our end pump laser marking machine played). In general, the higher the carbon content is easier to play black, the reason is very simple, we all understand.

Then is the alumina hit the black. Alumina hit the words, then it is not just the adjustment of the parameters of the matter. Want to use black alumina, then need to use MOPA technology laser. To use this special machine can be achieved.

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First map, in the filling line spacing selected 0.01-0.02MM. Margin can be set to a large point to the pattern can be displayed correctly and the finer the better. Then marking speed selected 100-200MM / S, the smaller the more black, but The slower the play;
Try to mark the overall calculation of the graphics. If not assured, you can combine or group after filling;
Marking the angle to each of the marking line are the shortest as well. Hit out of the black will be the same. Marking angle to fill the line are relatively short is better. Under normal circumstances can choose 45 degrees;
Using the power of 50-70 between the better, the frequency election 10KHZ better. If you feel good, you can slow down the speed and focus on the normal value of 1MM. Note that if the black roughness of more than 2MM, it is possible. The highest or the lowest place to fight not black. If this case, either twice to play, or sacrifice feel lower frequency. Increase the power to solve!
Our actual marking process because the specific use of fiber laser marking machine is not the same. The specific parameters of the set is not the same, so we have to master the principle of setting parameters.

Why should I set the parameters?

Because the smaller the fill the more playing the darker, the smaller the speed of playing the more black. The greater the power, playing the more black, the more the focal length of the more black play. But not the slower or more power the better, because the energy consumption too. Large words will affect the life of the laser. The frequency of regulation is the smaller the more black, but the greater the feel will be better. Too much to play on the black, and this requires us to consider the actual operation of the comprehensive consideration. To meet customer needs in the case of playing faster it is good.
Fiber laser marking machine to play black metal when the basic parameters and principles is like this. We can according to their actual situation to try and adjust.
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