Fiber laser marking machine in the gold silver jewelry cutting and marking — Catherine

Just receive one customer feedback for who use our fiber laser marking machine to cut gold and silver, very good machine and cut well, improve the efficiency than the hand made.

Now most of our customers choose the 30W and 50W fiber laser marking machine to cut the gold and silver, different material content may need different power. Cutting thickness also different. Raycus and IPG laser source is very hot use. You can check some videos as follow:

  1. 50W cut 1.1mm silver with fiber laser marking machine-XT LASER:
  2. XT LASER+Hot selling Fiber Laser marking engraving and cutting of gold and all precious metals:

As our customer feedback, you can see the cut thickness as reference (Cutting thickness also depends on the material content):

  1. 30W fiber laser cutting machine to cut 0.6-0.8 mm gold, 0.6-0.8 mm silver
  2. 50W fiber laser cutting machine to cut 1.2 mm gold, 1 mm silver

If you want to know information, please contact with us for more machine specification just for you.



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