Fiber Laser Cutting to be Widely Used in the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry in recent years the application of laser cutting, laser cutting has become a domestic processing industry is an important technology, using laser cutting is not only easy to automate, but also has high economic efficiency. Currently laser laser cutting machine used mainly two: one is from the carbon dioxide laser, the other is a solid-state neodymium — yttrium aluminum garnet laser. Lasers are usually chosen based on the nature of the material to be processed may be, because different materials suitable to absorb different wavelengths of laser beams. The metal material generally easy absorption wavelength of 1.06μm laser beam, and the plastic and the ceramic composite is easy absorption wavelength of 10.6μm laser beam.

Carbon dioxide laser is currently the most widely used laser with output power of 50 ~ 1500W, the wavelength of the laser beam is 10.6μm, mainly used for cutting, drilling and welding. Laser cutting may be at a speed of about 7.5m per minute, the cutting width of only 0.1 ~ 0.3mm, so that it can be cut, «heat affected zone» to minimize, and was cut out of the outline is clear, no glitches. As the laser drilling speed, and thus solve the problem in breakable ceramic on drilling, such as diamond in a thickness of 0.6mm diameter 1.3mm ceramic empty each time only 0.3S. Some countries have been replaced with carbon dioxide laser, electron beam welding equipment, laser welding may not necessarily be carried out in a vacuum so as electron beam, thus simplify the process and reduce costs. Solid state Nd — YAG laser into the industrial applications of time is relatively short, the output power of 10 ~ 400W, the laser beam wavelength of 1.06μm, easily absorbed by the metal material, currently used in low-power precision drilling and electronics industry The closure welding and spot welding process.

Laser cutting technology is widely used in metal and non-metallic materials processing, it can greatly reduce the processing time, reduce processing costs, improve quality of the workpiece. Modern laser has become the people to pursue the fantasy «cut iron drunk» and «sword.» In Golden Laser CO2 laser cutting machine, for example, the entire system by the control system, the motor system, an optical system, cooling system, exhaust and blowing protection system, etc., using the most advanced model to achieve multi-axis CNC and laser from the impact of energy such as cutting speed, while supporting DXP, PLT, CNC and other graphic formats and graphics rendering process to strengthen the capacity of the interface; with superior performance servo motor and transmission-oriented architecture to achieve good movement precision at high speeds.

Laser cutting machine is the high power density energy generated laser focused to achieve. Under the control of the computer, the laser pulse discharge, so that the output frequency of the controlled high repetition pulsed laser, a certain frequency, a certain width of the beam, the pulsed laser beam through optical transmission and reflection and focused by the focusing lens group Processing on the surface of the object, forming a fine, high energy density spot, focal spot is located near the surface to be processed, to instantaneous high temperature melting or vaporization material to be processed. Each laser pulse instantly put a high surface energy of sputtered a small hole, under computer control, laser processing head and the workpiece material at a pre-painted good graphics for continuous relative motion RBI, putting objects such as machining desired shape. When cutting, an air stream coaxial with the beam ejected from the cutting head, melted or vaporized material blown from the bottom of the incision (Note: If the blowing gas and the material being cut to produce thermal efficiency response, this response will provide cutting additional energy required; airflow cooling the cutting surface also reduce the heat-affected zone and ensure no contamination of the focusing lens effect). Compared with the traditional method of sheet metal processing, laser cutting its high cutting quality (narrow kerf width, small heat-affected zone, clean cut), high cutting speed, high flexibility (can easily cut any shape), wide range of materials Advantages adaptability.

US General Motors Corporation cars using carbon dioxide laser power 1000W cut into the exhaust pipe, not only improve the effectiveness of 30%, and cutting quality. Ford Motor Company uses a carbon dioxide laser cutting 1500W PVC composite materials, high efficiency, but also automation. Italian Fiat car company in the production line installed laser — robot combination system not only saves labor, but also to speed up the production process.

Russia also used the laser machinery industry. A factory with laser locomotive traction engine block used for quenching success. Lasers can be processed within one second surface heated to 1000 ℃, rapid hardening, completely avoid the deformation processing site, and the part surface wear resistance is increased by 50%.

Japan’s Nissan Motor Company using laser surface-treated steel sheet to improve the gloss paint has been successful. This approach is in front of a thin steel sheet painting, etching the surface with a laser beam, the steel surface to form a uniform diameter and depth of countless tiny space, and then the paint treatment. This will not only improve the gloss, but paint does not come off easily.
Volkswagen uses a combination of laser and robotic systems, processing vehicle dashboard shell, using a carbon dioxide laser 400W power play, can save processing costs $ 600,000 per year. Another German car company using carbon dioxide laser welding galvanized steel, the use of machine vision systems to monitor the welding process, greatly improving production efficiency.

Because of the many advantages of laser cutting of some countries to vigorously carry out research and development of new laser cutting machine tools, such as Japan and the United States have created a laser cutting machine. With the development of science and technology, laser applications in the industrial sector will become increasingly important.

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