Difference between 30w & 50w metal laser marking machine — Jennifer

For metal laser marking machine, as we all know that different marking materials have different ability of engraving depth ability.

In order to mark on metal, it can be divided into two parts. One is marking on metal surface merely, and the other is marking on metal surface with depth.

For normal metal laser marking machine:

Many of our clients, will mark QR code, series number, graphics, customized pictures, company logo, and so on. And the mini type & desktop fiber laser marking machine are the most popular types in the global world.

For the depth engraving by metal laser marking machine:

The higher laser power 50w, many our clients, engraving firearm, gun, and cutting thin metal, thin gold and silver, lower than 1mm, such as brass, stainless steel, copper or the related cutting requirements, will choose the 50w or 30w fiber metal laser marking machine.

Here is the gold and silver cutting machine:

Here is some depth engraving, just share it with every body:

Many of our clients, needing metal laser marking machine, have great interest in our 50w machine, like make comparison between 30w and 50w.

Here are the technological details:

A. 50w’s durability is much longer than 30w.
— Same marking content, 50w’s speed is faster;
— Same depth,50w’s time is shorter.

B.Technical parts:
— Single pulse energy:
Higher power, higher single pulse energy:
If marking 0.5mm depth, 50 times will be needed by 30w, while only 30 times by 50w;

— Peak Power:
30w’s P.P is 10000, then 50w will be 11000. Higher P.P, higher laser power power will be.

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All IPG laser source in China, is made in Russia due to the IPG branch.

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Meanwhile, we will also take advantage of this chance to know more about local market, including the machine’s preference, marking price, and targeting group, and explore more potential related fields about our marker and cutter simultaneously.

So for metal laser marking machine, thanks for choosing us!

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