Max—For New Users 8: How to Maintain Your Laser Cutting Machines-Daily and Weekly Maintenance

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How to Maintain Your Laser Cutting Machines-Daily and Weekly Maintenance

In recent years on the international market ,Fiber laser cutting machine, a new invention of a new type of cutting machine products, this cutting machine products, whether in cutting speed, or in the mechanical volume has an absolute advantage. So fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in the metal industry. And it is becoming more and more popular.  Even one customer now has few fiber laser cutting machines.

However, no matter you are using it for your own, or you are reselling machines, you might operate machine well. but it might get problems because of lack of proper maintenance, especially in the bad weather seasons, the necessary maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine seems much more important. But How?  Believe lots of people have no idea. Today we are sharing some tips to maintain fiber laser machine.

fiber laser cutting machine

1, the daily inspection and maintenance of machine tools

A. Before you start the machine, carefully check the laser working gas and cutting gas pressure, if the gas pressure is not enough, you should replace it.
B. Check whether the buttons such as X-axis zero, Y-axis zero, Z-axis zero, laser-ready status, etc. are damaged, (check the indicator).
C. Check the X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis zero, limit switch and impact block mounting screws are loose, the limit switch of each axis is sensitive.
D. Check the chillers inside the circulating water level is sufficient, if not enough to be added in time.
E. Check the external light path of the road water leakage phenomenon, must be timely treatment of leakage, or affect the life of optical lenses.
F. After the day of cutting, check the lens lens for damage.
G. Check whether the telescopic cavity of the external optical path burns or breaks.
H. After the daily work is completed, clean up the cutting waste, clean the work site, keep the work site neat and clean. At the same time do a good job cleaning equipment to ensure that all parts of the equipment clean and free of dirt, equipment parts can not be placed debris.
J. After the daily work is completed, open the drain valve of the air compressor at the bottom of the air compressor to drain, and after the waste water is discharged, close the drain valve.
K. After the daily work is completed, press the shutdown procedure to shut down, and then turn off the total power of the entire machine.

2, the machine’s weekly and irregular maintenance

A. Regularly clean up the debris at the outlet, to ensure that the ventilation effect.
B. Regularly check the filter in the airway to remove the water and debris from the filter in time.
C. Check the travel switch bracket and the bracket bracket screws regularly.
D. To clean up the electric control cabinet ventilation fan filter dust, to ensure good ventilation, in order to facilitate the internal electrical components cooling.
E. Reasonable bed in time to clear body guide skin debris, so as not to damage the guide rail, thus extending the rail life.
F. After the machine is installed, use a period of time to adjust the level of the machine to re-adjust the machine to ensure the accuracy of cutting
G. The X-axis guide and the screw, the Y-axis guide and the lead screw, the Z-axis guide and the screw oil are filled every other week, and the lubrication of the moving parts is maintained. The life of the bar.
H. Depending on the workshop environment from time to time (at least once a month) to check the mirror and the focus of the mirror surface contamination, clean the optical lens in time to ensure its service life.


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