How to choose machines in deep engraving service——Clara

How to start your first step with fiber laser marking machine?

If you are going to do the deep engraving and cutting service, please follow my articles. We will show you how to start your first step with our fiber laser marking machine.

Today, with the acceleration of the economic rhythm and increasing demand for customization, a large number of small workshops come out. And the marking and cutting precessing services occupy a large proportion. Especially in Europe and United States, such highly developed countries, people have prominent demand for personalized products. In case of  this, we can prove— why our mini type fiber laser marking machine has better penetration in these developed countries.

From our customer classification, family shops account for a large proportion. Especially young people who were born in the 1980s and 1990s. They are highly educated, and has pursuit of ideas and economic emancipation. What’s more, they are not willing to accept the jurisdiction of others.
A large part of them will have tight budget in the initial venture, but it also confirm the reasons why they prefer purchasing their starting machines from us. Most of our customers have reflected our price advantages, with the same quality , our price is only half of the US or European local machines.

Fiber laser marking machine, with the same configuration and design concept, why the price difference will be so much?

mini fiber laser marking machine

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