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Laser article we have talked about the laser marking software—EZCAD, hoping it will be much helpful for you. In the following text, we are going to introduce software of Fiber laser cutting machine—Cypcut from FSCUT—Friendess, Inc.


CypCut laser cutting control system (CypCut for short) is a set of system software designed for metal plate cutting, including cutting process, layout function and processing control. Most of its functions are applied in graphics processing, parameter settings, custom cutting process editing, layout, path layer planning, simulation and cutting process control.

CypCut software can realize process control with Dog and Control Card. It will enter DEMO mode while running on a computer without Dog, so that you can get all other functions except process control for normal use. Therefore, CypCut can be installed in a separate notebook for the design before processing.

Let us first see software screen:

The figure with black background in the center of the interface is the Drawing Board; above the interface from top to bottom one by one are Title Bar, Menu Bar and Toolbar; there is a toolbar called “Quick Access Bar” at the left of the title bar, which can be used for fast creating, opening and saving a file; besides, undo and redo commands can also be finished quickly here……

During the cutting processing, the key point is to change the paramters of each layer. It will be the most important step for the operator to control, he must know gas, power, speed, etc of each material, thickness and requiremnt. Here is the screen of it:

Cutting software will be much more complicated for operating, but that dosen’t mean we must take all details into control. Cypcut software is the most practical one in laser cutting machine. As we know there are still a lot of softwares, which are more advanced and expensive than Cypcut. And some of them are needed to be developed second time. In this way, the operator must have a very solid knowledge on the machine. It cause some puzzles for a lot of developing countries, where a lof of workers are promising in professional knowledge.

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