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With the development of laser technology, laser marking/cutting machine become more and more popular. At the same time, more and more company could do mature laser machine. Especially in China, there is so many laser machine manufacturer, including fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser cutting machine, co2 laser engraving machine and co2 laser marking machine etc.

Laser Marking/Cutting Machine
Laser Marking/Cutting Machine

We know Germany and USA have the most advanced laser technology. There is many famous laser source manufacturer in there, such as IPG, Rofin, Coherent etc. Laser machine manufacturer such as Trumpf, Star laser and Trotec etc. But now, more and more people prefer to buy laser machine from China. So why we should buy laser machine from China?

Laser Marking/Cutting Machine

  • Technology

Whole laser machine manufacture and producing is mature and transparent. Recently years China also established many mature laser machine manufacturer such as XT LASER, CHUTIAN, Hanslaser etc. After many years learning and experience accumulation, they build a perfect team on machine installation, research and development, detection etc. So we don’t need worry about machine’s performance.

For ordinary whole laser machine, most company’s machine have same structure amd function. so it have no difference no matter we buy it from China or Germany, USA.

sealed fiber laser marking machine
sealed fiber laser marking machine
  • Price


China laser machine have a large advantage on price. Compared with European or USA machine, China laser machine is much more cheaper. People just need half cost then they can buy one same machine from China.

We have one customers from Romania, he bought one set 30w Italy laser machine last year and the total cost more than 15,000usd. Last month he bought another 30w laser machine from us. He just took 6000usd. Even add the shipping freight and tax the cost not more than 7500usd.

  • Service and machine quality

Several years ago people always think «Made in China» is low quality. But with the development of development, more and more China company pay more attention on their quality and service. Even many big company’s quality is much more better than some USA or European company. This is the main reason why more and more European people buy China machine.

So if you are interested in laser machine, China product is a good choice. If you can’t confirm whether the supplier is reliable, we can offer you free help and tell you their real situation.

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