How to Choose a Fiber Laser Marking Machine ?

If your company is in the manufacturing, electronics, or even medical sectors, sooner or later, you will require laser marking for your products and components. The best solution for this is fiber laser marking.The non-contact fiber laser marking process is well-known among customers for the following reasons: Durability High-temperature resistance Application to various materials Use […]

Welcome our clients to make the field inspection in XT LASER

It is necessary to make the field inspection in XT LASER, before making the final decision. Today our Ukraine clients had the fully inspection in our factory, and leave some memory in there! Any necessary info needed, free to let me know. Contact person: Jennifer Sun Email: Whatsapp and Wechat: 0086 15169105376

We will attend the Blech Exhibition in Mumbai,India from 27th to 29th,April

We will attend the Blech Exhibition in Mumbai,India from 27th to 29th,April. Ready to have a meeting with you,how about you?    

To be a wise customer when you want to buy fiber laser machine from China

Those days I feel helpless because many many customers ask me to give them more lower price. Sometimes I feel sad and disappointed because they already gone the wrong direction. So I have to say something for those customers. When you decide to buy a machine, the first you should consider is not price… 1) […]

When you compare price, please remember to compare the quality and service as well while importing from China

More and more customers are looking for fiber laser machines from China, because of high cost-effectiveness. And Made-in-China is accepted by foreigners. However, you will get more response than you can imagine, different prices with different machine Spec. Even different prices based on same configuration. Why is that ? Everybody is considering price,however, how much […]