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Advantages of laser machine cutting acrylic

laser machine cutting acrylic,Laser cutting machine is one of the representative works of laser technology. Now it has an impressive performance in every different industry. Laser cutting is applicable to all kinds of materials. So what are its applications and advantages in cutting acrylic (organic glass)? Today, Let me introduce that in detail.


Cutting acrylic (organic glass) with laser cutting machine has obvious advantages . Such as fast speed, high accuracy and accurate positioning. It used in acrylic craft gifts, acrylic display frame, acrylic picture frame, display products, packaging boxes and other industries and it has an irreplaceable role.

light guide plate(LGP)








Comparison of laser cutting with conventional mechanical cutting

First of all, this is one-step finished and the monotonous process of processing. So the edges are smooth and neat, no need any subsequent cleaning and polishing. Moreover, the laser principle is the High strength, natural tempering edge, then there are no nicety cracks. By using this method, the cracks and damage were avoided,so the defective rate was reduced and the output increased.


Laser cutting acrylic. There are three factors that limit cutting speed:

(1) thickness,

(2) thermal expansion coefficient of materials,

(3) output power of laser. However, even in the application of speed.

So this difference will be compensated by the economic and quality advantages of laser cutting.

We all believe that further processing and cutting of lasers.

so with higher output power will increase processing speed by two to three times.

Better effect

Because the fissures are precisely traced by the laser beam.

so the separation of the laser can cut out very precise curved patterns.

In fact, the experiment we have done proves.

that laser cutting can complete the set pattern continuously and accurately,

repeatable can reach + 50 mu m, regardless of line or curve.

So the laser can make precise cutting of curves and three-dimensional figures.

Low power consumption

Low power consumption: 100W laser tube total power (power consumption) about 1-2 kw/h,

depending on the specific model:

1300x2500mm machine with gantry (such as woodworking engraving machine modeling) about 2 kw/h;

1300x1000mm power consumption is about 1 kw/h.

Laser machine power consumption is much smaller than the engraving machine.

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