How To Distinguish Fiber Laser And CO2 Laser Cutting Machine-Candice

How to distinguish fiber laser and CO2 laser cutting machine

Recently years fiber laser cutting machine is extensive and appied in heavy industry. It has instead of CO2 laser cutting machine is especially in metal building, auto manufacture industry and metal door industry, etc. But many customers still unknown why fiber laser cutting machine has a more wider market then CO2 laser cutting machine. Here is some information help you distinguish fiber laser and CO2 laser.

Applied to different materials

CO2 laser wavelength is 10.64um, and fiber laser wavelength is 1064nm. CO2 laser is relatively easy to be non-metallic absorption, can be high-quality cutting wood, acrylic, PP, plexiglass and other non-metallic materials. Because fiber laser is not easy to be non-metallic absorption, so it can not cut non-metallic materials. Fiber laser mainlly cut metal like stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy metal.

Difference between fiber laser and CO2 laser transmission

Because of  the wavelength difference between CO2 and fiber laser is an order of magnitude, CO2 laser can not be transmitted with fiber, but fiber laser can be transmitted, So fiber laser greatly increasing the degree of flexibility of processing. Because of CO2 laser is expensive and high maintenance requirements, so it has gradually lost the market. Fiber laser can be transmitted through the optical fiber to improve the degree of flexibility, fiber laser cutting machine especially used for the automotive industry and metal door build industry.  Fiber laser has low cost, less trouble, easy maintenance and high speed, so it firmly occupy the market.

Photoelectric conversion rate is high

Fiber laser photoelectric conversion rate is up to 25% or more, while CO2 laser photoelectric conversion rate is only about 10%.
Also fiber laser has quite obvious advantages in the electricity consumption, supporting the cooling system, etc. And it also can cut thick plate and stable and reliable. So fiber laser cutting machine come to a wider market instead of CO2 laser cutting macine.

With the development of technology, fiber laser cutting machine has advantages in metal cutting.

Sharing video of fiber laser cutting machine:


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Co2 laser engraving machine cutting 6mm Plywood-Angelina

Co2 laser engraving machine for cutting

1.An brief introduction of Co2 laser engraving machine

Co2 laser engraving machine,as is known to all, could both cut and engrave.

Both of these two functions are popular among the market.

Besides,there are different types about this machine:600*900,600*400,1300*2500 working area.

The customers could choose according to their different needs.

Yesterday there is a customes coming from Dubai, he wants to cut 6mm plywood, and the working are is as big as A3 paper.

According to his requirements, I introduce the 80w machine with  600*400 working area.

Here is the machine photo for your reference:

co2 laser engraving machine

The machine parts:

engraving machine parts

engraving machine parts

2.The applied industry of the machine

The co2 laser engraving machine mainly apply to the printing industry, processing on the rubber sheet,plywood  as well as hard board.

Besides, it could also apply to crystal engraving, handicrafts industry, and Acrylic sheet,etc.

So here u can see it could apply to many different industries. Showing some samples:

engraving cutting samples

3.The machine parameter

Machine Model XTE-6040
Working size 600mmL*400mmW
Laser tube power 80W
 Cooling mode    Water cooling and protection system
Laser type  Yongli Co2 laser tube
Highest scanning precision 2500 DPI
Cutting speed 0-40000mm/min
Max moving Speed 30000mm/min
Resetting positioning <0.01mm
Min forming character 1x 1mm
Operating temperature 0 – 45°C
Operating humidity 5-95℃
Power supply  220V±10% 50HZ or 110V±10% 60HZ
Picture Formats Supported   PLT/DXF/BMP/AI (Direct output)

JPG,GIF,PGN,TIF(Conversion output)

4.Machine accessories

Standard Features 1 USB port
2 DSP offline control, LED panel
3 RD control system or Lasercut
4 Air pump
5 Water pump
6 Exhaust Fan
7 Fan tube
8 Laser tube (installed in the machine)
9 Lens and Mirrors (installed in the machine )
10 Lamp
11 Water flow sensor
12 User manual of machine(English version)
13 User manual of software
14 USB cable
15 Communication cable

The testing video for 6mm plywood with 80w machine

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Why choose fiber laser cutting machine for metal cutting:Charry

Why choose fiber laser cutting machine for metal cutting

Why choose fiber laser cutting machine for metal cutting?

Why choose fiber laser cutting machine for metal cutting













Many of our customers know there are different kinds of cutting machine to cut metals.

Today one of my Thailand customer told me they are thinking about Plasma or fiber.

Cause their consideration,i just made one comparison between the Plasma and Fiber laser cutting:

Items Plasma laser cutting machine          Fiber laser cutting machine 
Cutting speed Slowly (time cost is much) Fast (higher work efficient)
Cutting precision 0.1mm  0.05mm  (much better)
Principle High temperature arc Laser energy
Material damage There will be large or small damage, 

in the cutting process if the plasma cutting machine cutting head with some problems,
will make very obvious defects on the plate.
The high temperature will make the steel shape changing

Laser cutting does not damage the steel
non-contact cutting, will not scratch on the work surface
Cutting gap  Bigger cutting gap The laser beam is focused into a small spot,the cutting gap is smaller
Flexibility CNC programming,cause the cutting precision is not enough,can not cut the smaller objects perfectly CNC programming, can be processed with any cutting patterns ,no need any molds
Purchasing cost  lower higher

This customer has been in the furniture manufacturing for many years,so they are so cautions.

Why choose fiber laser cutting machine for metal cutting:

Firstly, in China ,also in other countries,there are many customers who need to cut and mark the stainless steel furniture.They have been using the fiber laser cutting machine and marking machine finally.

Secondly,some customers told us after the using of fiber laser cutting machine,they have reduced their cost.

Cause they used the shearing machine,bending machine,punching machine before the fiber laser cutting machine,there were many processing steps,many workers for different job.

Such as,firstly,they use shearing machine to cut the whole steel sheet,secondly to use the punching machine to different shapes,finally to use bending machine to make the final shape.

So in the processing,there are many drawing line workers,sheet loading workers,and some other processing steps need to do.

But fiber laser cutting machine can cut the whole sheet and cut it in any shapes you need, do not change different kinds of machine.

Thirdly, the fiber laser cutting machine do not need any mold to cut,just import the cutting files into the software,then to cut.For the punching machine, If you want to cut some different shapes,maybe you need to make new molds.My customers told me the new mold is expensive.

So after the comparison,the fiber laser cutting machine can help you to save human cost and time cost,producing cost.For every month ,finally you can save USD2000 or more.

As a manufacturer,save cost,higher work efficient,a better quality with a cost-effective price,thats the longer development goal,right?

cutting samples

















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